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SHARE Foundation presents: Inside Facebook Algorithmic Factory

In our ongoing SHARE Lab research, we are investigating how our behavior, actions and information is collected, stored, analysed and finally transformed into the products within Facebook. There are many reasons why we should be interested in these black boxes mediating and recording our interaction, our deepest personal communications, our behavior and activities. Within those invisible walls, in every moment algorithms are deciding which information will appear in our info sphere, how many and which of your friends will see your posts, what kind of content will become part of your reality and what will be censored or deleted. 

facebook algo

On other hand, this black box define new forms of labour, exploitation and generation of enormous amount of wealth and power (17.93 Billion dollars in 2015) for the owners of this invisible immaterial factory creating deep economic gap between the ones who owns and control the means of production and their users who really often live below the poverty line.

Somewhere deep under the layers of algorithms there can be hidden new forms of potential human rights violation, new forms of exploitation and mechanisms of manipulation on the large scale influencing billion of people every day.

Research presented by:
Vladan Joler, SHARE Foundation, Novi Sad
Kristian Lukić, Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies, Napon, Novi Sad
Jan Krasni, SHARE Foundation, Belgrade

Afterparty is at the same venue:

Also, there is a free bus transport to Ciglana Factory @ Republic Square (bus station next to 'Staklenac' mall) which leaves 21:30 sharp.



Monologue of the Algorithm: how Facebook turns users data into its profit from Panoptykon Foundation on Vimeo.

Does Facebook identify and manipulate your feelings? Is it able to recognize your personality type, habits, interests, political views, level of income? Does it use all the information in order to reach us with personalized ads or sponsored content? You bet! Mark Zuckerberg's empire is based on analysing the digital dandruff that we leave behind on the Internet, transforming it into a valuable consumer profiles and selling it to advertisers. In this factory we are not even a product - we are just a human biomass, which only gains value after being shaped and worked on by algorithm. How exactly does it work? Take a look.

Vladan Joler (SHARE Lab)
Katarzyna Szymielewicz (Panoptykon Foundation)
Based on SHARE Lab research: Facebook Algorithmic Factory

Animation: Aleksandar Ilic
Voice: Zofia Kremer
Sound production: Jarek Gawlik

Supported by: European Digital Rights and Renewable Freedom Foundation

Special thanks to:
British Council

Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike ( CC BY-NC-SA)

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